Recognizing the Unsung Heroes of Digital Commerce

SUMO Heavy is proud to present the first annual Heavyweight Awards. These digital awards were created to recognize the everyday developers, marketers and support staff that keep ecommerce businesses running smoothly. 

Ecommerce isn’t easy. There are dozens of awards focused on the end product -- best redesign, best mobile experience, best new webstore -- but what about the people who work day in and day out to ensure a seamless online shopping experience?

The Heavyweight Awards is all about giving credit to these people. Whether it’s the staff developer who’s grinding late nights to meet project deadlines, or the digital marketer who thought up a better way to capture leads, ecommerce would not be what it is today if not for their contributions.


Know someone who fits the bill? Nominate an employee or peer below.


Winners will receive a digital (and physical!) award to celebrate their accomplishments, along with a video interview and blog post about what drives them to succeed in the world of ecommerce.


The best part? There’s absolutely no cost to submit. 

The deadline to apply is Friday, March 31, 2017.  

Winners will be announced Wednesday, April 12th


Award Categories


Project of the Year The individual whose marketing, operations or development project exemplified excellence, measurable results and/or thought leadership.

Most innovative Solution The individual whose solution solved a complex marketing, operations or development problem through originality or inventiveness.

Best Leadership The individual who best led a marketing, operations or development team through motivation, ambition and initiative.

Highest Growth The individual who drove the highest growth through new initiatives around marketing, operations or development.

Best Save The individual who saved the business the most money through improved efficiencies.

Best Customer Success The individual whose marketing, operations or development support yielded the highest customer success.

The Dohyō Award (The Sumo Ring) The individual who has steped up in to the ring and put everything on the line to save the holiday season.  


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